Psyllium fiber, the answer to your prayer!

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Do you have problems in your bowel movement? Or can’t stop to eat much but afraid to be fat and bulgy in shape? Looks like the good heavens have heard your problems; meet psyllium fiber, the answer to your prayer!

This psyllium fiber helps us to have regular bowel movement. We oftentimes suffer the discomfort of constipation. And this is a serious problem. Psyllium fiber can help us to clean out our digestive system and eliminates waste from our colon. It serves as a sponge in our digestive track that absorbs water and other waste material in the bowel for us to have a worry free bowel movement.

Psyllium fiber also helps and reduces fats from people who seriously suffer from overeating. As a natural fat absorber, it also helps us to eliminate the fat consumed in our diet. This will also result to a regular bowel movement.

Excuse me to omega3. Psyllium fiber also has soluble fiber that helps in maintaining a healthy heart.

There, the wonders of psyllium fiber. My mother told me about this stuff that made her bulky officemate turn to a healthy and fit man. I personally don’t believe it, knowing how large ‘that man’ was. But when she said that psyllium fiber is the supplement that the guy always drinks, (not talking about its taste and unpleasant smell) still the guy manages to win the perfect figure. I then started to know more about the said stuff. And now, I am convinced.

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Inside a limousine service with the legendary Edward Cullen!

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Having craze over “Twilight”? Well, maybe you could have dreamed of Edward Cullen riding with you inside an airport limo through New Jersey. A simple limousine service in New Jersey will be the best airport transportation in New Jersey if I had with me the most handsome vampire of all times! I would suggest him to kiss me on the neck!

Twilight, first a novel written by the great imagination of Stephanie Meyer, which inspired to write this breathtaking legend based on her dream! (Well, if that is the case, I will sleep more often!) This soon becomes unsatisfied by the number of bookworms who patronize the story and then later made to be seen on the big screen for a bigger audience. The highly credible woman director Catherine Hardwicke made the fulfillment of the dream possible. And now, we are amazed and lock jawed by what the great movie offers.twilight

It all started when Bella Swan leaves Arizona to live with her father. Unaware of what fate brings her there. She then met the guy who later on became the man she long waited for. In the character of Edward Cullen, who has a strange identity. They both accept what love offers them to be.

But as the story goes on, Bella will soon discover what makes Edward to be strange in other people’s eyes. She later found out that the man she ever loved is not a human, but a vampire.

Saddened by this reality, Bella knew that anytime, Edward can take her life. But despite of that fact, she still pursues her love to him, against all odds.

A unique blend of sorrowful love story, this movie depicts how love rules destiny. That despite of the fact that Edward is a vampire, and the scent of Bella gives him indescribable delight, he still fights for his love. As for Bella, I salute her courage to fight for their unusual love.

And this twist made the story very exciting and romantic.

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Who got the best clothing manufacturer? Obama, Sadako, or the anime characters?

November 8, 2008 at 1:43 am (1)

asily get attracted to fashionable attires by the anime characters shown on TV. I love what Tomoyo Daidouji creates for her best friend, Sakura Kinomoto in her every battle to a raging card. Tomoyo reminds me of a clothing manufacturer in USA that always sets the trend in town.

Talking about anime characters, we must not forget the breathtaking attire of Amidamaru in Shaman King. (I want to know who his apparel manufacturer is!) Gee, with that messy look, plus the morning hairstyle, (is that what you called that style?) which definitely topple the bread-like hairdo of Ryunosuke.

I wonder if Conan Idugawa buys his men’s clothing apparel in bulk. Because in everyday airing of the show, he wears the same thing! Also, where did the powerful beauties of Sailor Moon S got their women’s clothing apparel? So uniformed, looks like they ordered it in uniform restaurant apparel!

Who are the other anime characters that dressed like they have their own clothing manufacturer? Let me think. Kenshin Himura? Nice clothing apparel.

How about what the Konoha people wear everyday? I wonder who designed the wardrobe of the genin there. Why Uchija Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, Hyuuga Hinata amd the rest of the gang wear the same thing, EVERYDAY? Haha. Good thing Naruto and Rock Lee got their own fashion sense! But nothing beats the style of Sadako! Haha.

Well, maybe, the only get up that I will not mimic is what Barack Obama wears. But I am not against him. Of course he’s the elected president, and he deserves to be so formal. I wonder if anyone could make a Barack Obama anime show, and I bet that this will be patronized by the people. Is that a cool idea? Anyone?

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Taking MRT? Take a limousine service instead!

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Paying much is not a guarantee for you to have convenience in traveling. Believe me, for I experienced it myself. I prefer to take a limousine service.

Waking up early everyday is a great challenge to me, especially taking a bath with the coldest water that one could ever imagine. But that’s not the greatest challenge of all challenges. The moment you took a ride on the train is what I’m talking about. You might wish to take a limousine service for your convenience.  long queue of irritated passengers

Everyday, I suffer from the long queue of people waiting for the MRT that promises to take us to our destination fast and comfy. Promises. But the real scenario is, you pay the right amount expecting for them to give you convenience in your travel, but at the end, you only get disappointment. Why? Here are the reasons:

• You will experience delays and the worst technical problems in your entire life.
• Aside from delays, you only get inconvenience knowing the fact that you are unlucky enough to take a seat because the train cannot accommodate all of the passengers. (Thinking that all of you have paid the same price and yet you ask yourself why you don’t have the chance to have a seat? They should learn more how limousine service handle their passengers)
• Locking yourself amidst all your constituents and catching all the diseases that the person beside you may give you the moment he sneeze or cough. Eew! Good luck!
• Suffer in long queue of people just to buy that essential magnetic ticket that will enable you to pass through the machine for you to ride the precious train. (Executive limousine is that you?)
• You will experience the genuine survival game in your life called, “Survival of the fittest”. (Congratulations! You won! Are you still alive?)
• Elevators and escalators are not working properly. So what’s the use? Burn them all!
• Comfort rooms don’t really give the passengers “comfort”. (Stinks)

Well, why am I saying all these? I am not discouraging people to ride MRT. In fact, I still patronize their service despite all of these. I just want to call the attention of the officials to take action. You are paid the right amount to give the right services. Please do your part. Make public service, not only for your interest.

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Vitamins and supplements are not enough in saving our life from ozone layer depletion!

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The ozone layer is said to be in danger zone. The more polluted our planet is, the more our ozone layer is in havoc. Saying this, we will no longer have protection from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. And the worse is, we are close to acquire different diseases such as skin cancer and eye defects. Health vitamins and supplements in New York can be helpful with this matter, but saving the ozone layer is the best way to get rid of this.

The main cause of ozone layer depletion is the frequent use of CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons) present mostly in beauty products (such as spray nets etc.), aerosol products, plastic party streamers, cleaning fluids, air conditioning units and even in refrigerators.

Pollution really sucks!

Pollution really sucks!

See the black sky early in the morning. Well, that’s not fog. That’s the effect of our carelessness for our planet. The more polluted the earth is, the more chances of ozone depletion until it can no longer protect us against the damaging heat of the sun. Even the skin care products in New York are useless in this kind of dilemma.

The ozone layer diminishes more each year. As the area of polar ozone depletion (commonly called the ozone hole) gets larger, additional ultraviolet rays are allowed to pass through. These rays cause cancer, cataracts, and lowered immunity to diseases. Nutritional health supplements are not enough to fight the said diseases.

Caring for the environment is complementary to caring for your life. What you give to Mother earth is what she also give back to you. Learn to love our planet earth, before it’s too late. It’s like eating a xocai healthy chocolate because you are too conscious about your health. Then what about being conscious about the present state of our own planet? When will you come to realize? Start caring…now…

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The secret into a fantastic and affordable vacation!

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Ever since I was a child, I always dream to travel the world. I want to see the Liberty monument, the Eiffel tower and walk through the great walls of China. But I realized that a Bermuda travel package is enough, a Bermuda vacation is perfect to fulfill my dreams.

And of course, I thought that this dream may be too expensive to come true, so that I must look for the best discount or Bermuda cruise to take me there. A fantastic cruise in Bermuda, a dinner cruise maybe is a perfect treat for me.

Is that Disneyland..?!!

Is that Disneyland..?!!

To wander places is a great opportunity. And I want to experience it together with the people that are close to my heart—my family, and probably, my special someone.

After taking that Bermuda vacation not the Bermuda Triangle huh? (Gee, I still want to go back home!) My next target to visit is one of the fantastic white sand beach islands in the world. I want to lay down to its white sand beach, while sipping my favorite mango fruit shake, shaded by the leafy coconut trees with the beautiful sky.

Sand castle making, beach biking, sunbathing, beach volleyball and making fun under the sun, all these and more are the activities that we can enjoy while on the beach.

And when the night comes, you can still enjoy the place with the gang. Every night, the beach offers music banging with the rock bands. Bang your heads and enjoy the loud music of electric guitars.

Dance until dawn with what the bars on the beach offers. Enjoy the drinks, the girls, the guys, and the music on the dance floor!

After all the night’s life rest your tired system to the cottage on the beach. Have a warm shower as you refresh your body and getting ready to have a good night’s sleep.

The sun is out. Wake up and welcome the day with a fantastic breakfast sitting on your cottage’s balcony with a wonderful view of the white sand blue beach. And it is best to sit under the warm rays of the sun, sipping your favorite cup of tea and reading the latest scope of news.

What a wonderful vacation experience to have! And I hope it won’t end the moment it happens to your life. Sometimes, it takes to have a great imagination for you to experience the wonders of life. And sometimes it also takes to have contentment in what you have.

What about a family bonding in your garden? Have a picnic and grill barbeques while enjoying the moment. This may not take you to spend lots of money but the effect is fantastic. And you can do it every time you want. Enjoy the scenario together with the people closest to your heart. Spend your leisure time while playing fun games. Feel the essence of being at home; sometimes we overlook the good things in life.

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“I Witness”ed Them All!

October 14, 2008 at 1:15 am (Adventure, Learning, Media)

I’ve been here.

I never missed this event since I entered college. Since I am a media baby, and must be exposed to these documentaries, video production, and investigative journalism, I need these programs and events to satisfy my thirst for information.

And I really learned a lot from this GMA I-Witness Docufest!

I had the chance to catch the last screening at Gateway, the very last, 5pm-7pm. Luckily, I got a ticket and have the privilege to watch. It was a long queue of media practitioners and students who are patiently waiting for the doors to be opened. And I was one of them.

The first video production was “Katay Kabayo” (Slaughtering of horses) of Ms. Sandra Aguinaldo. This video shows how people (can you call these “people”) un-animally treat the horses. This shows where fate brings the awful horses that are old, weak, injured or even the horses that lose in the race—in slaughterhouses. Sad to say, when this moment came to their life, no one comes in rescue—even their trainers, their owners, and even their jockeys who benefited from their triumph in the previous races. No one cares, but the butcher, who will end their sufferings. So unjust, not mentioning the fact how they are slaughtered! Eew!

And so go on the next video. It was a documentary of Ms. Kara David. I noticed that Ms. David always depicts mostly the situation of children. And this time, she focused on the killing parasite that wantonly destroying dreams and lives of people in a barangay located in Agusan del Sur. The traitor disease was called “schistosomiasis” which havens on snails. It can cause internal damages to the victim like chronic illnesses and affect the cognitive development of children. This disease can be acquired by just skin contact in infected water, (since the parasite can enter to the skin opening) due to improper sanitation—like of that in Agusan del Sur. It was an awful situation for those people because the cure seems to be insufficient. For a canister of praziquantel, a medicine that can cure schistosomiasis, which can only cure a hundred and fifty—of a barangay that consists of 3,000 infected people.

Calling the attention of the government! How many children and head of the families will die until you get off your seats and take actions?

Only one survives, and still surviving. It’s glad to know that there’s still a child that’s free from the plague. A family there is doing everything just to save their youngest, from the disease. Think, if this family can do everything, (on their own, effort, money, time) just to save the child from the said disease, then why don’t our government who had all the resources to save a dying barangay? Huh?! Much has been said.

And so the next video, now of Jay Taruc’s “Batang Langoy” depicts how children in Magalumbi, Ilo-Ilo strives hard just to go to school. I admire the determination of these children that despite of struggles of going to school (can you just think how they swim a number of kilometers just to go home from school if their parent’s weren’t able to service them? Determination!)

I found it amazing for them to do this. A group of elementary students, even though that they are always late at school, receive reprimands almost everyday by their teacher, they doesn’t mind. When they’re off at school, they usually wait for their fathers to service them with a boat to home. But if they feel that their parents aren’t able to come, they will start to bury their things under the sand to hide it and start to swim just to go home.

The next day, they will come early to school to get their things and answer their homework. I cried a tear because despite of their fate, they still find ways to fight it—through education, and that’s truly the key. I just hope these children achieve what they are working for and hope there are some who can help them reach their dreams.

How I wish my younger brothers have watched this video so that they will not take things for granted!

And the last but not the least, Howie Severino’s salute to Gov. Grace Padaca of Isabela, the woman governor. I found her as a strong woman because she turns her disability into an extraordinary ability. She has polio since she was three. But that is not a hindrance for her to perform her duties. In her term, she is the only one who started a campaign against the “bugador” (illegal loggers) in their city. What an inspiring act of courage! Cheers to the new icon of woman empowerment!

There’s a lot more for these documentarists to work for. There’s more to reveal. With the kind of government that we have, we have to implement tougher laws, we still need to search cure for the country’s disease, we still need stronger people to survive, and we still need dedicated officials that really care to achieve development on this rotten country. We are still miles away to nirvana, if we still have time to achieve that. To the team, more power and I want to be like you someday! Cheers!

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Conan Idugawa…The Child Wonder!

October 9, 2008 at 10:38 pm (Anime, Mystery)

Because of my work schedule, I cannot manage to watch my favorite anime shows. But today, I suffered from menstrual cramps and I leave from work. And this is the perfect time to catch up

The Child Wonder!!

The Child Wonder!!

“Detective Conan”.

Conan Edogawa, (the child version of Shinichi Kudo) the 17-year-old supreme detective or a private investigator. He used to help the police in solving criminal cases and that’s why he got really famous. Unfortunately, when Shinichi and Ran (his girlfriend) are into a date, Shinichi saw a mysterious man and started stalking. He got trapped and forced to take a strange drug and left him dead. But the twist of the story is, Shinichi wasn’t dead! Only his body shrinks and transformed into the body of a little boy. And he called himself “Conan Edogawa” (name comes from two famous mystery writers that Shinichi admires much; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Ranpo Edogawa). He then lives with Ran and her father, who is a frustrated detective, Mr. Kogoro Mouri.

Fascinated by the twists and turns of the story, this will surely capture the interests not only of the youngsters, but also the young at hearts. It can make you feel that you’re a part of the story’s mystery, had the chance to solve it and be a detective of your own. Run that detective blood in you!

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Mirroring Our Lives…

October 7, 2008 at 9:53 pm (Love, Memories, Moments, Places, Relationship)

I sit on one of the chairs here at Jollibee. Letting the time pass. It was too early for me to go to the bank to claim my new ATM card. I guess this was the universe’ lesson to me because I had lost my first ATM card. Whew! I hope I will learn from this.

Since all I have in my pocket is my bus fare, I can’t afford to buy anything at the said food chain—yes, even the cheapest one. So I let myself envy those who indulge themselves of my favorite burger steak. And I feel awful for myself, yeah. I must wait until the clock strikes at 9am. And when I have my ATM at hand, it’s fiesta time!

Couples are eating. Talking to each other the words that only the two of them hear and understand. Followed by a soft giggling, smiling. You can feel the love even when you watch them. I can see from their faces the feeling of happiness, the happiness of being in love.

this what starving looks like!

this what starving aliens looks like!

I started to starve. “Hell, how long will I wait here? How long will I suffer?” (And that was already a form of “suffering” for me)

All of a sudden, my thoughts of being in love were disturbed by a group of noisy people at the other table. Friends, as I should call this next group of people, were loudly laughing and cracking jokes to each other. And by this scenario, my own friends also entered my mind.

And it’s already 9am—at last. And I’m going to leave the place that served as my haven of thoughts for a moment. Thanks for driving my mind.

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Who Am I?

October 6, 2008 at 10:58 pm (Job, Transportation, Travel)

“The wheels of the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels of the bus goes round and round, all through the town.”

He always has a smile on his face whenever I chanced upon his shuttle when I was on my way to school.

come on!

come on!

I don’t know him. And he doesn’t know me either. They don’t know him. He also doesn’t know about them. But he takes us to places that we need to be. He doesn’t need to own an SUV, a hummer, a stretch, a limousine service or even a Cadillac to get us to places. Just a humble shuttle bus is enough for him to take us to places.

Many people from different walks of life have him and his bus as their service. And so do I. With a watchful eye, an alert hand on the wheel, and a quick foot on the break, he always takes extra care for us to be safe.

What a wonderful job!

Many may own a limo, or hire a fantastic limo service in town, a limousine that everybody dreams about, but still, compare to these limousine services, nothing beats the commuter bus driver’s personality!

A driver, it is great to be a bus driver. I admire them for their dedication, their hard work, and their immeasurable patience. What I mean is, who can stand the everyday traffic? The impatient passengers who keep on shouting when they are late for work? Gee, truly a fantastic job!

Everyday, early in the morning, these bus drivers are on the road for the regular commuters. Same road, same time, almost the same people, same traffic, same problem, and same response-just smile.

This is the attitude. The positive driver’s attitude. Can you handle their wheels and experience what it feels to be a bus driver? Me? Nah, I just want to take the journey with them. They have the best smiles, the fantastic stories to tell, the most colorful life ever, and best buddy to travel with!

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