Kage bunshin technique! Times two! Times two! Times two!

September 27, 2008 at 6:01 am (Anime)

shadow binding technique!! nah, i'm tired!!

shadow binding technique!!

Naruto really drives me crazy. An addict to the anime world, I always find time to watch the said show. Amazed by their great moves and techniques, would you believe if I say that I dreamed to be a hokage someday? Haha.

I want to have byakugan, the one that the Hyuuga clan have. I also want to have sharingan in one of my eyes, just like what my Sir Kakashi has. And of course, above them all, I love the qualities that Shikamaru has. I always find him interesting among others cuz he has the abilities and the mind to win every battle. But the problem is, HE’S SO LAZY!!! Gosh! But despite of that, gee, I like him! (but I love my boyfriend much more…ssh..he’s not aware of this blog and he is a verrrrrry jealous type of person!)

Also an anime addict? Here’s a list of my favorite anime shows of all time!

  • Naruto (of course!)
  • Fushigi Yuugi (Tasuki’s the best!)
  • Shaman King (hey Yo!)
  • Hunter X Hunter (Curapica, great hair!)
  • Zenki (Uhm, Bajula? Lol)
  • Samurai X (Kenshin, dying for you!)
  • Time Quest (I’m a little teapot…come on sing!)
  • Ranma ½ (Ooh..hot water?)
  • Spongebob (If I may digress..Lol)
  • Pokemon (I want to have a Munchlax! Sooo cute!)
  • Sakura (Li Shaoran!!)
  • Akazukin Chacha (who’s the white dog? ehr..)
  • Bubu Chacha (Buddy’s so cute!)

Hmm…and many more…it’s time for me to go home. Until next post! (invisibility cloak…haha..Harry, is that you?)

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