October 4, 2008 at 12:11 am (Attittude, Destiny, Fate, Life, Undecided)

be like David..!!

be like David..!!

“The winner takes it all, the loser standing small. Beside the victory, that’s her destiny.”

Quote and quote. A famous song from ABBA entitled, “The Winner Takes It All”.

We are here to face the world’s challenges, and not only for us to face, but to overcome them all. We have our own legacy to make. What is difficult for you may be an easy task for others and vice versa. Life’s totally unfair.

So what? If life’s fair, then there’s no more challenges! There is no learning at all.

Yes, it’s definitely true. Everytime we encounter our challenge in life, we learn. Either we get hurt or happy. we win or lose, the purpose is for us to learn. And be stronger everytime we fall.

“Experience is the best teacher”. Who is experince then? I want to be his student!

Experience is not a person at all. Not a place, nor a thing, but a lesson. Experience teaches us even the hardest lectures of life. Experience makes us suffer to endure the pain. Lets us fall to rise again. And give us happiness and love as a reward.


If we just learn to be patient, then we will experience life’s greatest gifts. Because blessings come for those who wait. Not for those who just asked for it. In addition, we must work our butts off to achieve our goals. Challenge even yourself. Dream, but don’t just dream-execute. Do your part. Experiment. If you want to be a teacher, then be a student first. No one has arrived at a certain destination without experiencing the art of traveling. Be a success, and you will see, the fruit of your hard work is an overflowing success. If you just learn to fight and overcome defeat!

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