Who got the best clothing manufacturer? Obama, Sadako, or the anime characters?

November 8, 2008 at 1:43 am (1)

asily get attracted to fashionable attires by the anime characters shown on TV. I love what Tomoyo Daidouji creates for her best friend, Sakura Kinomoto in her every battle to a raging card. Tomoyo reminds me of a clothing manufacturer in USA that always sets the trend in town.

Talking about anime characters, we must not forget the breathtaking attire of Amidamaru in Shaman King. (I want to know who his apparel manufacturer is!) Gee, with that messy look, plus the morning hairstyle, (is that what you called that style?) which definitely topple the bread-like hairdo of Ryunosuke.

I wonder if Conan Idugawa buys his men’s clothing apparel in bulk. Because in everyday airing of the show, he wears the same thing! Also, where did the powerful beauties of Sailor Moon S got their women’s clothing apparel? So uniformed, looks like they ordered it in uniform restaurant apparel!

Who are the other anime characters that dressed like they have their own clothing manufacturer? Let me think. Kenshin Himura? Nice clothing apparel.

How about what the Konoha people wear everyday? I wonder who designed the wardrobe of the genin there. Why Uchija Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, Hyuuga Hinata amd the rest of the gang wear the same thing, EVERYDAY? Haha. Good thing Naruto and Rock Lee got their own fashion sense! But nothing beats the style of Sadako! Haha.

Well, maybe, the only get up that I will not mimic is what Barack Obama wears. But I am not against him. Of course he’s the elected president, and he deserves to be so formal. I wonder if anyone could make a Barack Obama anime show, and I bet that this will be patronized by the people. Is that a cool idea? Anyone?

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